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Initiatory  \i-'ni-sh(e-)-tor-e\ Serving to admit into a secret group who shares  obscure knowledge, typically through a rite or ritual.


Mystery   \'mis-t(-)re\ Rites and truths with profound and secretive characteristics that one can only know through directed personal revelation, usually  through initiation.


Tradition  \tra-'di-shn\ An inherited or established pattern of thought, action or belief, usually handed down by oral transmission; a body of unwritten spiritual precepts.


Initiatory Mystery Tradition:

A system of witchcraft that is passed only by trusted teacher to trusted student via direct energetic exchanges.  The Feri Tradition as passed down by Victor Anderson is an Initiatory Mystery Tradition.  It will not be learned through online classes, weekend workshops or distance classrooms.  It will not be known through any self-dedication.  It will not be practiced from words in books, websites or magazines.  It cannot be taught by those who do not understand the importance of initiation.  The wise know this.




Public \'pu-blik\ For the use and benefit of all people.


Religion  \ri-‘li’jen\ An organized set of beliefs, values, and practices based on the teachings of a spiritual leader. The service and worship of God or the supernatural; a commitment or devotion to religious faith or observance. 


Public Religion:

A devotional practice based on an organized set of spiritual practices, often overseen by a spiritual leader, designed to appeal to and benefit all people.  They have websites and blogs and claim to have items and titles that give them an authority they do not have.  They take words of past elders out of context to suit their present desires. The masses may enjoy Public Feri Religion, and most are more suited towards Public Feri Religion, but they are not learning the Feri Initiatory Mystery Tradition.

True leaders in Mystery Traditions do not blog about the Mysteries and understand why this is not done.  True leaders in Public Religions spread their word far and wide in order to gain followers.  The actions reveal the true nature of the witch.


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